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Islamic Gift Shahada Tekbir First Kalma and Masha Allah Masha'Allah Masha Allah on Solid Wood Plaque 14"

$28.88 USD

Masha Allah (Arabic: ما شاء الله‎‎, mā shāʾa llāhu), also Masha'Allah, is an Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise, or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned.
  • Masha'Allah in center with Shahada on the outside
  • Hand crafted design on Rosewood with dark wood finish stain
  • Elegant wall decor' 
  • Attention to detail on wood carvings and stain
  • Wooden Islamic Calligraphy
  • Diameter: 14"

First Kalima Tayyab (Shahada/The Word of Purity) Hand crafted rosewood item Elegant shelf decor Islamic item First Pillar of Islam First Kalima: "La ilaha ill Allah Muhammadur-Rasul Allah". Translation: There is no God but Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The 6 (six) Kalimas are recorded in various books of knowledge, and are recited (and remembered) by people across the globe. These kalimas were compiled together for children to memorise and learn the basic fundamentals of a Muslim's beliefs. They are not found altogether complete in any one hadith or narration from the Prophet (peace be upon him). However, some of them can be found individually in the narrations.

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